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Participants pay a registration fee and commit to a minimum fundraising level. We offer incentives to those who raise above their fundraising minimum. Participants cover their own transportation expenses to fly to and from Israel. The Ride covers all costs in Israel including hotels, food, and ride support.

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Each of the five riding days begins the same way. Due to the short days in October and November, we maximize sunlight (and beat the afternoon heat) by setting out very early. We start riding between 6:30-7am. Each rider is responsible for setting their own alarm to wake up each morning. You will bring your luggage from your room to the designated areas in the lobby, so it is essential for you to pack light and in one bag. Laptops and tablets should be padded with clothing in your luggage bag.

Breakfast is served at the hotel before we depart, and bike mechanics and lead stretching are available before our departure. Time is also set aside for morning prayers early in the morning.


We aim to arrive at the hotel each afternoon around 3pm when your room will be ready. You can claim your room keys and gather your luggage from the Israel Ride welcome desk (unless your luggage was already brought to your room) that will be set up in the reception area of each hotel. Guests who arrive before 3 pm may not have rooms available.

Upon arrival, there is time to relax at each hotel. All overnight stays have internet access, although some may charge a fee. Dinner is followed by a short route briefing about the route of the following day. Some evenings will feature a presentation on an environmental topic, often by an alum of the Arava Institute who is part of the crew.

We encourage all riders to head to bed early, and to pack before going to sleep.

The Crew

The Israel Ride is a fully supported event. We provide a full support-and-gear (SAG) service on the road.

Each of our three riding groups has its own mechanics, pace cars, sweep bus, medical personnel, and crew teams to help with rest stops and riding. Lead riders pace (in front) and sweep (in back) each group as well as provide general bicycle support. Tour guides accompany each group to provide education at rest stops.

Bike mechanics help with flat tires and other minor incidents on the road. Our mechanics carry standard bicycle tubes and supplies, but we encourage riders to bring tubes that match their tires. We also have a few spare bikes in case of a major mechanical issue so you can get back to biking.

Finally, our crew teams run rest stops, cheer riders up tough hills, and take pictures. All the crew (and some lead riders) are alumni of the Arava Institute. We encourage riders to interact with the crew to understand more about their experiences. Arava Institute alumni are diverse and talented people. They are students and professionals from Israel, Jordan, Palestine, and around the world who take a break from their lives, just like you, to enjoy the experience of being on the Israel Ride.

Rest Stops and Pit Stops

We have a scheduled rest stop about every 12-20 miles. Riders must stop at each rest stop so that we can keep the riding groups together. Each rest stop has water, energy drink, and snacks, and a full lunch spread is provided at one mid-day stop. These stops either have natural shade or we provide a shelter. Riders are strongly encouraged to cool down in the shade at each rest stop. For areas without a bathroom, we create a private pop-up bathroom facility. While you rest, our tour guide and environmental educators will teach about the geography, history, landmarks, and environmental issues of the area.

Throughout the Ride, we provide nuts, dried fruit, halva, and energy bars. If you have a particular energy bar brand that you prefer, we suggest bringing some to the Ride.

We have three cycling groups and one non-riding group:

  • Shomrim (“guards”) is most fitting for Riders who are comfortable at a 10-12 mph pace in a rolling hill terrain (30-35 miles / day). Shomrim riding is typically until lunch, and then have special bus tours in the afternoon.
  • Tzofim (“scouts”) is most fitting for Riders who are comfortable at a 12-15 mph pace in a rolling hill terrain (45-70 miles / day). Tzofim, typically our largest group, goes from hotel to hotel.
  • Chalutzim (“pioneers”) is most fitting for Riders who are comfortable at a 15-17 mph pace in a rolling hill terrain (55-90 miles / day), typically with extra hills and distances between overnights.
  • Chaverim (“friends”) Eco-experience, our non-riding group, have a dedicated tour guide and van and visit sites along the way. Must be able to be physically active.

Each group has its own unique elements, designed to provide riders of all levels a challenge and sense of accomplishment. While separated during the day, on most nights the groups will still stay together at a hotel. However, on some evenings the groups are separated.

Each riding group has its own support team of lead riders, sweep cars, rest stops, and a medical team. There is a rest stop set up approximately every 15-20 miles, including one longer lunch stop. Food (often dried fruit, nuts, granola bars) and energy drinks are provided, plus sunscreen, water, shade, and restrooms. Our cycling tour educators will also teach about the history of the region and local environmental issues at various stops.

View our training tips to get ready for the Ride!.

View our Fees and Fundraising page for fees associated with renting a bike or bringing your own bike.

Bringing: Participants are encouraged to bring their own bike, for a more familiar and comfortable ride. There is a fee to bring your own bike, which covers the transportation of your bike from the airport (and back afterwards) and mechanic support to assemble and disassemble your bike. You must land before 6 pm on Monday before the ride in order for the Israel Ride team to transport your bike to Jerusalem.

Renting: We have a limited number of Road bikes and Hybrid bikes available to rent for a fee. Our bikes are gently used and have good climbing gears. We cannot guarantee a specific make or model as we source rental bikes from a variety of vendors. View our rental bike sizing chart.

E-Bikes: We’re excited to be offering limited e-bike rentals for experienced E-Bike users for our Shomrim group on the Israel Ride. E-Bike rental requires advanced permission. Please contact us.

Contact us for more information.

The Israel Ride is not just a bicycle ride. Professional tour guides accompany each rider group and provide historical, geographical, and political context to the landscape that we ride through. Additional speakers and optional classes are offered at night and on Saturday.

The Israel Ride is open to those of all faiths. Throughout the week we offer various Jewish prayer options, and come together as a community on Friday night and Saturday to celebrate Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, for those who are interested. We pause from our cycling on Saturday. While all of our ritual activities are optional, we strive to strike a balance that allows riders to practice as they see fit but to also experience other facets of Jewish tradition if they choose.

Depending on the composition of the Israel Ride community, we attempt to offer daily prayer both in the early mornings and evenings for those interested. On Sunday morning, we schedule an outdoor prayer service that includes music, explanation, and meditation, while giving those who prefer a traditional service space as well.

All hotels that we stay at throughout the Ride are kosher under the supervision of the Israeli Rabbinate. All food which is provided by the Ride on the road is kosher as well.

View our Costs and Fundraising page for fees associated with each add-on option.

Shabbat Guests

We welcome guests to join Riders over our relaxing Shabbat in Ein Bokek, and are encouraged to join for all activities over Shabbat. Guests will be booked in the room with the participant they are visiting. Guests must be registered via the Forms Portal.

Guests must arrange and provide their own transportation; we do not provide transportation for guests, and guests are not allowed in staff or crew cars due to liability.

If you have a non-riding guest who wants to join for the full week, they can join our Chaverim non-riding group, through the standard registration.

Single Room Upgrades

Standard rooms on the Israel Ride is double or triple occupancy. We offer a limited number of single rooms for the full week or for Shabbat.

Pre/Post-Ride Programs

We offer a variety of additional, short-term programs before and after the Israel Ride each year. See more info here.

We hope you can join us this year or in the future!

Dates for upcoming Israel Rides below:
2024 Israel Ride: Oct 29 – Nov 4
2025 Israel Ride: Oct 28 – Nov 4 (Tentative)
2026 Israel Ride: Oct 20 – Oct 27 (Tentative)

The Virtual Ride is a new opportunity to share the experience of being part of the Israel Ride community and fundraise for the Arava Institute. Perhaps you’re a passionate ride alum who can’t make it to Israel this year. Perhaps you’re hoping to do the ride but not sure you’re ready. Or, perhaps, you’re just looking for a way to contribute to the incredible cross-border and cross-cultural environmental and cultural work of the Arava Institute, and believe that “nature knows no borders”! There are many reasons to be a part of the Virtual Ride. Learn more about the Virtual Ride here.

Join the Israel Ride! October 29 – November 4, 2024

The Israel Ride is the premier cycling experience in Israel benefiting The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.