Costs & Fundraising

Riders pay a registration fee and commit to a minimum fundraising level, which must be raised by Dec. 31 of the Ride year.
All costs listed are in USD.
The registration fee does not count towards your fundraising as it is not tax-deductible.

2018 Rider Fees and Fundraising

Registration Fee
Fundraising Requirement
Oct. 2017 – Dec 31, 2017 $575 $3800 General riders

$3200 Spouse of another rider

$3200 First timer to Israel

$2500 Under 35 riders

$2500 Israeli citizens who primarily reside in Israel

Jan 1, 2018 – April 30 $675
May 1 – July 30 $825
August 1 – Sept 21 $950

Rider’s direct costs are covered by the registration fee and approximately 50% of fundraising. This includes:

  • all hotel stays (mostly double occupancy with the occasional triple occupancy night)
  • three full meals a day (all kosher)
  • water and snacks at rest stops on the route
  • full ride support including lead riders, police and security, medical personnel, accompanying vehicles
  • transportation of all of your luggage
  • an Israel Ride jersey
  • domestic flight from Eilat to Tel Aviv area, or bus to Jerusalem
  • educational components of the Ride include alumni of the Arava Institute, Hazon staff, and professional tour guides

Cancellation Policy

Please note the following Rider cancellation policy for the 2018 Israel Ride:

Date Registration Fee Add-Ons
Through March Refundable less $100 Fully Refundable
April – July Non-refundable, can roll over to 2019 Fully Refundable
August – Sept Non-refundable, cannot be rolled over Fully Refundable
Oct Non-refundable, cannot be rolled over Non-refundable

Regardless of when you cancel your participation, donations are non-refundable to the donor but can be reassigned to another rider.

If the fundraising minimums change from one year to the next, you will be responsible for raising the minimum amount noted for the year you participate in the program.

If you roll over your registration from one year to the next, you must re-enroll before December 31 of that year or incur a $100 fee.

Chaverim: Touring/Non-Riding Program

Chaverim pay a registration fee for this all-inclusive touring package for non-cyclists – includes all overnights with riders, all meals, personal tour guide, entrance fees, and transportation from Eilat to the center of Israel. See more details here.

Registration Fee
Oct 2017 – Apr 30, 2018 $2575
May 1 onward $2850

Cancellation Policy:

Chaverim who cancel will have their fee refunded less $300 through September 2018. After that, the fee is non-refundable but can be rolled over to the following year.

Add-ons and Additional Fees

Bike Fees

Each rider must either rent a bike or cover the costs of transporting your personal bicycle within Israel.

Rental Bikes (limited sizes available) $225 hybrid, $350 road bike
Domestic bike transportation (for non-rental bikes, including those already in Israel) $95

Additional Add-Ons: These can all be booked in Explority.

Single rooms (limited availability on some nights) $90 – $115 per night
Pre-ride nights in Jerusalem (prices subject to change) TBD
Post-ride nights in Eilat (prices subject to change) TBD
Post-ride Jordan Trip (does not include visas or tips, about $65) 1-day to Petra – $230
2-day to Petra and Wadi Rum – $420+
Daily Guests (prices subject to change) TBD

Other costs
that you are responsible for include:

  • tips for the ride crew who provide luggage transport and on-road support for the week ($50-$100 suggested)
  • incidental costs incurred during hotel stays, including internet, massages, and alcoholic beverages
  • purchase of Israel Ride merchandise for the Ride as well as any shopping purchases during the Ride