Fees & Fundraising

Join the Israel Ride!

The Israel Ride provides riders with:

  • double or triple occupancy accommodations each night (Tues-Sun nights)
  • three kosher meals a day
  • water and snacks at rest stops on the route
  • full ride support including lead riders, police and security, and medical personnel
  • transportation of your luggage
  • an Israel Ride jersey
  • return travel to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem after the Ride
  • education along the route from professional tour guides

Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • FUNDRAISING: Commit to meeting the minimum fundraising requirements (see below).
  • AGE: Riders must be at least 12 years old. Please note: this is a very strenuous physical undertaking – your child should be mentally and physically prepared. Riders under 18 years old must cycle and remain with parent or guardian at all times.
  • HEALTH: Be in good health. If you have a pre-existing condition, such as a pacemaker, we may require a doctor’s note. If you have any doubts about your health, please see a doctor before you begin your training.
  • INSURANCE: Participants must carry health insurance to join the Israel Ride, and are responsible for all personal medical costs incurred during the Israel Ride. Personal insurance may not cover all oversea expenses. We strongly recommend supplemental traveler’s insurance, including: Health/accident coverage, Medical evacuation, and Trip cancellation/interruption. (We suggest viewing travelinsurance.com.)
  • Due to the nature of some hotels along the route, the Ride is not 100% ADA compliant. Questions? Contact us.
  • COVID COMPLIANCE: At the time of the Ride, all riders must meet the current requirements for entry to Israel, including the necessary level of vaccinations and boosters.
Registration fee does not count towards fundraising as it is not tax-deductible. All costs listed are in USD.

Registration Fee
Nov 1 – Nov 15, 2023 $695
Nov 16 – Jan 31, 2024 $745
Feb 1 – March 31, 2024 $895
April 1 – July 31, 2024 $1,195
August 1, 2024+ $1,395


Other costs you are responsible for include:

  • Bike Fees: Each rider must either rent a bike or cover the costs of transporting your personal bicycle within Israel:
    • $150 to bring your own bike (covers transport and storage throughout Ride, including bike transport to/from the airport)
    • Rentals: $325 Hybrid Bike; $425 Road Bike. All rental bikes are owned or vetted by the Israel Ride.
    • Limited $700 Class 1 E-Bike rentals – requires advanced permission. Please contact us.
  • Phone: all participants must have a working cell phone with data in Israel. We use text messaging to communicate while on the road, and to reach you in an emergency. We have a rental discount for 019 Mobile here. Their SIM cards, cell phones, and MiFi devices are available for pick up in the Ben Gurion Airport upon your arrival.
  • Tips for the ride crew who provide luggage transport and on-road support for the week ($100-$200 suggested per rider)
  • Incidental costs incurred during hotel stays, including internet and alcoholic beverages.
  • Israel Ride merchandise (for purchase on the Ride) as well as any shopping purchases during the Ride

Optional Upgrades

Single rooms are available for the full week or just Shabbat. (No singles at Ketura.)

  • Full Week Single Room: $1,100 Upgrade.
  • Rider Shabbat Single Room: $475 Upgrade (2 nights).
  • Shabbat Guests: $525 Upgrade. This fee is for Friday and Saturday nights. This fee is per guest who will share a double occupancy room with the host at our secondary hotel, the Ramon Suites. All guest overnights include: Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, Shabbat services, and other activities.

A limited number of partial scholarships for young riders may be available. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more.

Rider Cancellation Policy

The registration fee is non-refundable. If a rider registers and is not able to join, then the registration fee will be used to defray the general expenses of the Ride.

Regardless of when you cancel your participation, donations are non-refundable but can be reassigned to another rider. Please contact us to learn more.

Date Registration Fee Add-Ons Fundraising
Within 24 hr of purchase Fully Refundable Fully Refundable Non-Refundable.
24 hr after purchase – Aug 15, 2024 Non-refundable, can be credited to 2025 Ride minus a $200 fee Fully Refundable Non-Refundable. Fundraising can be credited to another rider.
August 15, 2024 – onward Non-refundable, cannot be credited to the 2025 Ride Non-Refundable Non-Refundable.

$2,500 commitment Fundraising above $2,500 can be credited to another rider.

Rider Credit Policy:

Should the entire 2024 Israel Ride be postponed or canceled, registration fees are fully refundable or may be donated. Add-on fees are fully refundable or may be donated. Fundraising cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Fundraising above $2,500 may be credited to the 2025 Israel Ride. Fundraising can only be credited to a future year once. For example, fundraising from 2023 that was credited to 2024 cannot be again credited to 2025.

If a participant cancels on or before August 15, 2024: Their registration fee, minus $200, can be held as a credit towards registration for the 2025 Israel Ride. The registration fee is not refundable. If the cost of registration rises for the next year’s Ride, the rider will be asked to pay the difference between the credit that they received and the actual registration fee for the 2025 Israel Ride. Add-on fees are fully refundable. Fundraising cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Fundraising can be credited to another rider but cannot be credited to a future Ride.

If a participant cancels after August 15, 2024: If a participant cancels after August 15, 2024, their registration fee is non-refundable and cannot be credited to a future Ride. Add-on fees are refundable only to the extent that we do not need to pay external costs. All riders have guaranteed to fundraise or self-fund $2,500 by August 15th. If a rider drops out after August 15th, the Israel Ride will charge their credit card on file the remaining balance up to $2,500. Fundraising above $2,500 can be credited to another rider, but cannot be credited to a future year.


The Israel Ride is a fundraising event benefiting the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.

  • Riders commit to raise the fundraising minimum based on their registration type by December 31, 2024.
  • Riders guarantee to fundraise or self-fund $2,500 by August 15, 2024.
  • The registration fee does not count towards fundraising as it is not tax-deductible. All costs listed are in USD.

Commitment Amount
Rider Type
$3,600 Under 35 / Israeli Citizen Riders
$4,200 Plus One (Spouse, Parent, or Child) / 1st Time to Israel
$5,000 General Riders

If you are new to fundraising for this sort of event, review our Fundraising Tools to help you reach your goal.



Self-funders will be issued a tax receipt after December 31st stating the amount personally donated and the value of goods and services that are not deductible. For the 2024 ride, the value of goods and services received by riders will be $2500. Please contact us for more information.

The average participant raises more than the minimum. We encourage self-funders to consider supporting the Ride via a minimum contribution of $6,000.

We strive for 50% of our fundraising to go to our beneficiary while the remaining 50% of our fundraising and 100% of our registration fees cover Ride costs.


Fundraising Incentives

We encourage you to continue to fundraise even after you have reached your minimum.
We have some amazing perks listed below to help motivate you to fundraise early and widely!
















Israel Ride Hat OR Socks
Israel Ride Hat and Socks
Israel Ride Shorts
Framed Israel Ride print OR bike statue (11×14)
Your choice of a large photo from the Israel Ride – printed out and framed and the bike statue OR two framed prints
  • Those eligible for fundraising incentives by Sept 1st will receive their incentive prizes prior to the trip or in Israel.
  • Those eligible for fundraising incentives AFTER Sept 1st will have incentive prizes mailed to them after the trip.
  • Clothing items will be sent in the size originally indicated on your registration form.

Join the Israel Ride! October 29 – November 4, 2024

The Israel Ride is the premier cycling experience in Israel benefiting The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.