A Green Israel Ride

The Israel Ride is dedicated to making the world a more environmentally sustainable place, keeping in line with the missions of both the Arava Institute and Hazon. Here are some ways we are making our Israel Ride greener.

Meals and Food

  • Cater all of our lunches from small, local caterers
  • Purchase nuts and dried fruits in bulk
  • Offer vegan options at every meal
  • Serve local dates, honey, date syrup (silan), jam, olives every day, local cheeses when available
  • Serve Israeli energy bars – Meme, halva
  • Use re-usable dishes at every lunch, and request that caterers provide food in returnable containers whenever possible
  • Recycle food containers
  • Collect compost at lunches and deliver to composting sites (when possible)

Vendors and Personnel

  • Hire staff and crew that are dedicated to living sustainably, and who bring their knowledge and passion for environmental sustainability to the Ride
  • Work with local vendors (the tent company, hauling, mechanics) to support the local economy

Along the Route

  • Use toilet tents and dig a hole whenever possible, only use port-a-potties when absolutely necessary
  • Use composting toilets as available
  • Use smaller, less wasteful vehicles whenever possible (e.g. using a small refrigerated van and a cargo van rather than two refrigerated trucks)

For Participants

  • We ride bikes!
  • Our jerseys are made from Echofe, a sustainable fabric that uses recycled coffee grounds as the base material
  • Our medals are made from recycled bamboo and reused bike gears
  • We send as much information as possible out to participants via email and online, instead of using paper
  • We stopped creating water bottles for riders to reduce the amount of plastic the Ride produces