The word Hazon means “vision”. Our vision is of a vibrant, healthy Jewish community, in which to be Jewish is necessarily to help create a more sustainable world for all.

We’re in a global environmental crisis. Jewish tradition compels us to respond.

Hazon is the largest faith-based environmental organization in the U.S. and is building a movement that strengthens Jewish life and contributes to a more environmentally sustainable world for all. As the Jewish lab for sustainability, Hazon effects change through immersive experiences and inspires individuals and communities to make specific commitments to change with a particular focus on food systems.

People who participate in our programs deepen their Jewish identities; experience the connection between inherited Jewish wisdom, food, climate, and the natural world; and become linked with others who care about creating a more sustainable Jewish community and world.

Hazon develops, networks, and provides resources for those growing into leadership – people changing existing institutions or building new organizations and communities that live the values we cherish and the world needs. These individuals become part of a powerful movement of like-minded people within and outside the Jewish community who take responsibility for fixing what has gone awry in our relationship to the world and for designing a more sustainable future for all.

Hazon - havdalah

Hazon programs encourage people to make a difference in the world, and in the process enable them to renew and reframe their own Jewish journeys. Individuals, families, and communities make a journey to experience a Judaism that connects with their passions – and they return home transformed: refreshed, inspired, and with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility for a sustainable future in the Jewish community and beyond.

JOFEE Programming
JOFEE stands for Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Education. These experiences connect people to Judaism, community, and the natural world through hands-on, thoughtful and engaging Jewish content across different ages, Jewish backgrounds, and religious approaches.Tens of thousands of people engage in JOFEE activities every year, from learning about Jewish harvest rituals to starting a CSA, to greening their institutions by rethinking their consumption decisions. Combining methods from existing secular models (like outdoor education) with Jewish learning, wisdom, and traditions, JOFEE programs create unparalleled entry points to Jewish life and social action.


Hazon Seal of Sustainability
The Hazon Seal of Sustainability guides Jewish organizations and their members to become healthier and more sustainable. Organizations take sustainability audits, design greening initiatives, and receive the Hazon Seal as a testament to their leadership. Over 90 Jewish organizations from coast to coast, and all walks of Jewish life, have participated in the Hazon Seal – including synagogues, day schools, camps, social service agencies, and Hillels.

Isabella Freedman

Each year, Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Hazon’s home in the Berkshires, engages over 6,000 individuals in immersive, pluralistic Jewish retreat experiences that celebrate Jewish life, learning, and leadership. Visit hazon.org/calendar for our full retreat schedule.


Tevateva-leadbanner Since 1994, Teva has engaged over 100,000 Jewish students, day school teachers, and young adults in Jewish environmental education. The program works to fundamentally transform Jewish education through experiential learning that fosters Jewish, ecological, and food sustainability. Each year, Teva engages roughly 1,000 day schoolers and 13 young adults, who receive professional development and serve as trail educators.


Adamah Jewish Farming Fellowship
Adamah is a three-month fellowship that provides space for young adults to explore the intersection of sustainable agriculture with Jewish identity, community building, spirituality, and personal development. An exceptional leadership training experience, the program’s 400+ alumni have gone on to found a wide range of organizations and projects dedicated to agriculture, justice, and Jewish life.


Hazon has local offices in:

Bay Area Food Festival

Hazon’s regional staff works with Jewish and environmental institutions to bring Hazon’s work to the local community. Events and partnerships have included cooking classes, institutional greening workshops, speaking tours, and more.

Community Lab in Detroit
Detroit is in the midst of a cultural, Jewish, and economic renaissance which provides fertile ground for exploring new ideas and programs to create long-term change. The Hazon office in Detroit serves as a “lab” that models for other communities how Jewish life can be reinvigorated through a commitment to healthy eating, sustainability, and food justice.