We did it! Riding from Jerusalem to Eilat in a week’s time, this year’s Israel Ride community had an incredible journey. On our final riding day, participants cycled into Eilat and along the coast before joining staff and crew for a final beach celebration.

For our closing ceremony, members of the Shomrim group organized a wonderful song which I would like to share with you all about their experience:

Anu Anu Ha’Shomrim (We are the Shomrim, to the tune of “Anu Anu Ha’Palmach”)

From abroad we’ve come together
Riding safe and riding strong
Unified in our determined approach
As we sing our Shomrim song

Huffing puffing as we pedal
Hoping that our gears are right
Trying to make friends with those hills
Wondering if we’ll win the fight

We support each other’s efforts
Praise, encouragement and pride
Single file we ride on most days
Sometimes even side by side

Challenges won’t overcome us
Our days end with Shomrim tiyulim
We are proud and we are all unified
Anu anu hashomrim

We pack day bags onto buses
Every morning quite a fuss
Zipping by are the Tzofim and Chalutzim
But we don’t care, cuz we’re Shomrim

We are always always rushing
We are friendly with our sweeps
Barak’s crew have come to know us
Our bikes always need some tweaks

Our logistics can be trying
Lots of questions for the staff
Cue sheets often mystifying
But we have our share of laughs

We are happy with our status
30 miles each day with vigor and vim
We are proud and we are all unified
Anu anu Hashomrim!

Special thanks to 2015 Israel Riders and sisters Marjie and Ruth Kaplan for preparing this song for us.

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Farewell for now!

Sam Schauer
Israel Ride Communications Manager