Set a Mileage Commitment:

  • Each year on the Israel Ride, riders ride between 150 to 350 miles over the course of 5 days. Although we can’t ride together this fall, we encourage you to set a personal fitness goal! Plan to ride, run, walk, swim, and hike, all in support of the Israel Ride!
    • How?
      -Join us on Strava and join the Israel Ride Alumni club to share your rides!
      -Set weekly goals to help you reach your final goal;
      -Share your goals and progress by broadcasting your momentum: use #IsraelRide on Social Media;
      -Feature pictures of you in action as you ride/run/hike/dance;
      -Keep your supporters up to date on your progress and let them know that even though the ride is virtual, you’re still committed to the miles!


View (a tentative) our program itinerary here: VIRTUAL ISRAEL RIDE PROGRAMMING


  • Arava Alumni Student Panel
  • Hazon Sustainability Best Practices Workshop
  • Lectures and Presentations
  • Brewery Tour (Manufacturer of Israel Ride’s ‘route beer’ on Kibbutz Ketura)
  • Crew and Lead Rider Panel
  • Local Community Socially Distanced Rides
  • Book Discussion
  • Israel Ride Route Video
  • Group Rides on Peloton and Zwift
  • Tours of Key Sites in Israel
  • Opening and Closing Ceremony
  • Community Shabbat: Kabbalat Shabbat, Havdalah Ceremony
  • Virtual Campfire Song Session
  • Happy Hour
  • Workouts and Yoga
  • ‘Traditional’ Ride Moments: Orientation, Crew Skit, Rest Stops