Non-riding guests are welcome to join for one or all nights of the Ride, although we may have limited capacity in some locations.

We also offer a full-week touring option for non-riding guests. This group customizes its own itinerary and spends each day with their own tour guide, but stays with the riders each evening.

Chaverim Full-Week Tour Option

Chaverim, Hebrew for “friends”, is a week long unforgettable touring option for 3-8 partners and guests who want to join for the entire Ride, but are not cycling. Participants in this program will stay with the riders each night, but have their own daily education program. In the evenings and over Shabbat guests will be able to participate in all Israel Ride activities, and may even join the riders on the road for lunch some days.

This full package costs $1995, and is fully inclusive with 7 overnight accommodations, all meals including Shabbat, a private tour guide, daily transportation, entrance fees to various sites visited around the country, and transportation from Eilat to the center of Israel.

Register Week-Long Guests using the standard registration form

The itinerary below was used for the 2014 Chaverim Tour. The itinerary is tailored specifically to appeal to each year’s participants. The tour guide uses input from the participants to create the itinerary before the Ride starts.

  • Wednesday October 28thAncient farming terraces at Sataf, the Sorek stalagtite caves, Roman-era caves in Beit Guvrin. Overnight in Ashkelon.
  • Thursday October 29th –  R&D station in Ramat HaNegev, Israelite worship at Tel Arad, ancient Nabatean city of Mamshit, the Makhtesh Gadol. Overnight in the northern Negev.
  • Friday October 30th – David Ben Gurion’s home, desert monasticism and the Ein Avdat walk, 4000-year-old rock engravings, Nabatean city of Avdat, vineyard in the Negev. Overnight in Mitzpe Ramon.
  • Saturday October 31st Rest day over Shabbat with the Ride, enjoy synagogue services, the pool, walks, and other activities with the riders. Overnight in Mitzpe Ramon.
  • Sunday November 1st – Overlook at Makhtesh Ramon Visitor Center, Nabatean caravanserai on the incense route in Ein Saharonim, possibly the oldest temple in the world at Leopards’ Temple, the fine sands of the Casui sand dunes, overlook of the Arava Valley. Overnight in the Arava Valley.
  • Monday November 2nd  British police station from the 1920s atop a 4th century Roman fort, Hai Bar Nature Reserve, “Solomon’s” copper mines in Timna Park, farm from the early Muslim Umayyad period, overlook of four countries. Overnight in Eilat.

Daily Guests

guestsFor guests that do not want to join for the full week, you can sign up to stay in our hotels each night. There is a nightly charge that includes dinner and breakfast. We will book your room with the Rider you are visiting and guests can join for all activities in the hotel.

If you will have a guest for multiple nights, we will not provide transportation from one hotel to the next. You are welcome to arrange your own transportation, which can often be done with the help of the reception desk at the hotel that you are departing. Please note – if you will have your own car or driver, you are welcome to join the riders for lunch on the road, but are discouraged from following along the route the entire day due to safety concerns.

All guest bookings include breakfast and dinner at our hotels except Sunday night in Eilat, which only includes breakfast.

Book Guests using the logistics form

Tuesday Jerusalem – Ramat Rachel Hotel
For Monday night or earlier please see our hotel extension pricing
Wednesday Ashkelon – Holiday Inn 115
Thursday Northern Negev – various kibbutzim 80
Friday and Saturday Mitzpe Ramon
Price includes 2 nights and 5 meals over Shabbat
Sunday Eilat – on Sunday night we have no room for guests in the Arava Valley. Guests can visit Kibbutz Ketura with our riders but are encouraged to book a single room Sunday night in Eilat, ahead of our arrival on Monday. 210
Monday Eilat
For Tuesday night or later please see our hotel extension pricing
Domestic Flight From Eilat to Tel Aviv or Ben Gurion International Airport 70
 **Please note that these prices are estimates and are subject to change at any time.