Ride Add-Ons

While the Israel Ride is an all-inclusive program from start to finish, there are also many ways in which you can customize your trip, including: bike rentals, single room upgrades, trip extensions, and more. These can all be booked through your Forms Portal.

Single Rooms

Standard occupancy on the Israel Ride is two to a room, and occasionally three when there are large suites available.

You can upgrade to a single room for any or every night of the Israel Ride. Upgrades cost $105 per night in a hotel, and $80 per night in a Kibbutz Guest House. We have very limited single rooms on Sunday night when in the Arava Valley.


Please note that we have a full-week non-riding option, called the Chaverim (“friends”). Visit the itinerary page for details.

We welcome guests to join Riders each night at our accommodations. All guest bookings include breakfast and dinner at our hotels except Sunday night in Eilat, which only includes breakfast. Guests are encouraged to join for all activities in the hotels. Guests will be booked in the room with the Rider they are visiting, unless they want to book a separate room at an extra cost.

Guests must arrange and provide their own transportation; we do not provide transportation for guests, and guests are not allowed in staff or crew cars due to liability. If guests have their own car or driver and want to join the riders for lunch on the road they must first clear it with the Ride staff. We discourage guests from following along the route the entire day due to safety concerns.

Tuesday Jerusalem – Ramat Rachel Hotel
For Monday night or earlier please see our hotel extension pricing
Wednesday Ashkelon – Holiday Inn TBD
Thursday Northern Negev – various kibbutzim TBD
Friday and Saturday Mitzpe Ramon
Price includes 2 nights and 5 meals over Shabbat
Sunday Sports Club Hotel in Eilat – on Sunday night we have no room for guests in the Arava Valley. Guests can visit Kibbutz Ketura with our riders but are encouraged to book a single room Sunday night in Eilat, ahead of our arrival on Monday. TBD
Monday Sports Club Hotel in Eilat
For Tuesday night or later please see our hotel extension pricing
Domestic Flight From Eilat to Tel Aviv or Ben Gurion International Airport Please contact jessie@israelride.org
 **Please note that these prices are estimates and are subject to change at any time.

Monday Pre-Ride Activities

We will offer a series of activities for those arriving in Jerusalem the day before the Ride begins. Below were the offerings from 2017, stat tuned for our 2018 tours!

NEW! Culinary Tour of Jerusalem

Monday, October 30.  $85 including lunch

Tour Old City with a culinary expert who will guide you in an exploration of the complexity of the Old City through food. Taste the flavors of the food and spices that have been eaten in the Old City for centuries, focus on the history of the city through a culinary lens. Meet the people who live and cook here. If it’s open, visit the ancient Tahini factory in the Old City.

Continue  to the Machane Yehuda Market, the first that was built  outside of the Old City. Take a lunch Tasting Tour. Explore the “mixed  salad” of Israel’s cultures as they are expressed through the market. The Tasting Tour will be abundant enough for lunch (and dinner, probably!).

The first 10 people to sign up will receive a copy of Michael Solomonov’s cookbook, ZAHAV, from his award-winning restaurant in Philadelphia.


Life on an Invisible Border

Monday, October 30.  $50 including lunch

Eliezer Yaari

Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed

Discover the beauty and complexity of life on the border of East and West Jerusalem.
The tour will be guided by Eliezer Ya’ari and Dr. Tareq Abu-Hamed.

Eliezer Ya’ari is a native of West Jerusalem, and former head of the New Israel Fund. He recently wrote a book entitled “Beyond the Mountains of Darkness” about his experience of walking daily in neighboring Sur Baher village.

Dr. Tareq Abu-Hamed, from the village of Sur Baher, was the Director of the Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation at the Arava Institute and was also Israel’s deputy chief scientist. He is currently the Academic Director at the Arava Institute. Limited space available.



10:00am Bus leaves from Ramat Rachel Hotel

10:15am Guided tour of Beit Shay Agnon

12:00pm Bus/walking tour of Sur Bacher village

1:00pm Light lunch and discussion with members of Sur Bacher village at the community center

3:00pm Bus returns to Ramat Rachel


Tours to Petra and Wadi Rum

We are offering two options to visit Jordan. The one-day options visit Petra , while the two-day trip includes more time in Petra and the tour of Wadi Rum the following day. We have contracted with Desert Eco Tours to run these trips, but please register through us.

One Day tour: $230
Two Day Tour, double occupancy: $420
Two Day Tour, single occupancy: $470

To cover the border fees and general tips for all of the guides on the trip:

For one day trip: $125 /500NIS per person in cash or $131/524 NIS with credit card
For two day trip: $133 / 532NIS per person in cash or $139/556NIS with credit card
You can pay this in US Dollars or Israeli Shekels (NIS). Credit cards are accepted.

All participants will leave early in the morning from the hotel and cross into Jordan for a 2-hour drive to Petra. We start with a guided tour of the main entrance to Petra, followed by lunch. Those on the one-day trip will have limited time to explore before heading back to the bus to return to Eilat.

Those on the two-day trip have more time to explore the famous Nabatean tomb carvings, extensive Roman excavations, and even a climb to the “Monastery” carving overlooking the Arava valley. We will spend the night at the Tetra Tree Hotel near Petra. On Wednesday, we explore the majestic Wadi Rum, a vast desert full of rock forms, open spaces, and Bedouin encampments. If there is time, we will visit the Aqaba markets before returning to Israel in time for evening flights from Eilat to Tel Aviv.

Note regarding return flights:
The one-day tour 
will return to Eilat late at night on Tuesday, after the final flights north have departed. You must book an extra night in Eilat, either at the Ride hotel or elsewhere.
The two-day option is scheduled to return in time to catch 9:00 pm flights from Eilat on Wednesday. However, the Israel Ride cannot take responsibility in the event of a border closure or flight cancellation.

You are encouraged to come early to Israel or extend your stay after the Ride. As the Israel Ride occurs during a peak travel season to Israel, finding hotel rooms at the last minute may be difficult. We are pleased to offer bookings at the first and last hotels through our Logistics Form.

Pre-Ride Nights In Jerusalem at Ramat Rachel

The Ride officially starts on Tuesday, October 31st. Tuesday evening is the first hotel stay covered by your registration fee. We have reserved rooms at the hotel in Jerusalem before the Ride starts. You can book single rooms, double rooms, or a single spot in a double room (and we will match you with another rider).

Single Occupancy (one person) per night TBD
Double Occupancy (two people) per night TBD
Shared Room (we will assign you a roommate) per night TBD

Post-Ride Nights in Eilat at the Sports Club Hotel

Eilat – Our final day of riding is Monday, November 6th, which is followed by a closing dinner and Monday night hotel stay. We have reserved rooms at the hotel in Eilat after the Ride ends.

Single Occupancy per night TBD
Double Occupancy (two people) per night TBD
Shared Room (we will assign you a roommate) per night TBD

Note: if you are traveling to Jordan for the two-day trip and then wish to return to our hotel for Wednesday, we can book that for you. The hotel can then store some of your luggage while you are in Jordan.

Bike Rentals

We have a limited number of Road bikes and Hybrid bikes available to rent. Our bikes are gently used and have good climbing gears. Please note our ride is not equipped to support e-bikes.

Most of our Hybrid bikes are Specialized or Trek brand, which have a good climbing gear and upright handlebars which cost $225 to rent for the week. Our Road Bikes are either Specialized or Trek, which cost $350 for the week. (Please note that we own a variety of bikes; these links point to some of the more common options.)

MechanicsYou must choose your bike size when signing up for a rental bike. We own our fleet of bikes, and have a limited number available for each size. You are strongly encouraged to confirm your bike size with a bicycle shop before renting a bike.

If you choose to switch to a rental bike at the last minute, we cannot guarantee you a rental bike.

We do not provide helmets with the bike rentals – you MUST bring your own helmet. We also suggest that you bring any special accessories that will make you more comfortable, including your seat or pedals. The bikes come with regular pedals, and we can install toe cages if you like. If you use cleats with cycling shoes you must bring your own pedals. Our superb mechanical staff will be able to help you make any necessary adjustments to your rental bike.