Bikes & Gear

Renting vs Bringing a Bike

Participants are encouraged to bring their own bike to Israel. On a ride of this length, you will most likely be more comfortable on your own bike that you have been training on. However, we do have a limited number of hybrid and road rental bikes available to rent.

Rent bikes using the Logistics Form

We have a limited number of Road bikes and Hybrid bikes available to rent. Our bikes are gently used and have good climbing gears.

Most of our Hybrid bikes are FUJI brand, which have a good climbing gear and upright handlebars which cost $200 to rent for the week. Our Road Bikes are either Specialized or Trek, which cost $325 for the week. (Please note that we own a variety of bikes; these links point to some of the more common options.)

Mechanics You must choose your bike size when signing up for a rental bike. We own our fleet of bikes, and have a fixed number available for each size. You are strongly encouraged to confirm your bike size with a bicycle shop before renting a bike.

If you choose to switch to a rental bike at the last minute, we cannot guarantee you a rental bike.

We do not provide helmets with the bike rentals – you MUST bring your own helmet. We also suggest that you bring any special accessories that will make you more comfortable, including your seat. The bikes come with regular pedals, and we can install toe cages if you like. If you use cleats with cycling shoes you must bring your own pedals. Our superb mechanical staff will be able to help you make any necessary adjustments to your rental bike.

Transporting Your Own Bike

We try to make bringing your bike to Israel as simple as possible.

Flying with Bikes: In order to bring your bike on the airplane, it will need to be disassembled and stored in a special bike box you can buy or rent. Bicycle storage boxes range in style and price.

Most airlines will allow bikes on board as your second piece of luggage and will add an over-sized luggage charge. Be sure to ask about this before booking your ticket. Often if you have elite frequent flyer status the fee can be waived or lowered.

Through an El Al sponsorship, you can have half of your bike fee waived by El Al if departing from LAX, JFK, EWR, or BOS. Click here for details.

Before the Ride:  The Israel Ride contracts with a storage company, which is located 10 minutes from Ben Gurion airport. Before the Ride, we will send out the contact information for the company. You can call the storage facility when you land to meet you and pick up your bike from you. A crew member of the Israel Ride may be available to help you in the airport. Our crew will drive all of the bikes to our starting hotel in Jerusalem on Tuesday, when we will have mechanics on hand if you need assistance.

During the Ride: After building your bike, the empty boxes will be safely stored until the end of the Ride. Each night, your bicycle will be stored in a secure area, which will be locked or guarded all night. You do not need to bring a bike lock with you.

After the Ride: When you arrive at our final hotel, your bike case will be waiting, ready for you to pack up your bike, with help from our mechanics. All the bicycles will be taken to Ben Gurion International Airport on Monday evening. Before you depart on your international flight, you can call our storage company who will meet you outside the terminal.