Hotels and Lodging

We will stay at different overnight locations throughout the Israel Ride. Please see below for more information to better prepare you for the trip.

Hotels and Kibbutz Guest Houses

We stay at standard-style hotels some nights of the Israel Ride. These hotels have varying amenities such as pools, wifi, elevators, and shops in the lobby. Other nights we stay at various Kibbutz guesthouses. These are usually more spread out (motel-style), some with kitchenettes, some with shared bathrooms, but all very modern and comfortable.

On Thursday night, riding groups will be split between multiple locations in different cities. This enables each group a chance to form a more cohesive unit and community, as well as have a route that caters to each group’s abilities. If in different riding groups, spouses and partners will stay in separate locations but can request a particular roommate for that evening.

On Sunday night, riding groups are overall divided between nearby different Kibbutz guesthouses. Spouses/partners will not be in separate locations.

All food served on the Israel Ride is kosher. For further questions regarding kashrut please contact our staff at

Friday and Saturday Hotels

Over Shabbat, on Friday and Saturday, we are split between two unique hotels in Mitzpe Ramon. These hotels, the Pundak Ramon and the Ramon Suites, used to be apartment buildings before being renovated as modern hotels. It is important to note that a few apartment-style features remain in both hotels:

  • Neither hotel has elevators. All guests must climb at least one short flight of stairs to reach their rooms. If you need to be on a lower-level floor for medical reasons only, please contact
  • In addition to standard hotel rooms, some riders will be rooming in suites. Each suite has two or three bedrooms (each with either a double bed or two twin beds), a shared bathroom, a common seating area, and a kitchenette. Please note that you (and your roommate if you have one) will share a bathroom and common areas with the other participant(s) housed in your suite. Spouses and partners will be booked in standard hotel rooms.

Single Rooms

Standard occupancy on the Israel Ride is two to a room, and occasionally three when there are large suites available. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT FOR THE 2018 RIDE.

You can upgrade to a single room for any or every night of the Israel Ride. Upgrades cost $105 per night in a hotel, and $85 per night in a Kibbutz Guest House. We have very limited single rooms on Sunday night when in the Arava Valley.

You are encouraged to come early to Israel or extend your stay after the Ride. As the Israel Ride occurs during a peak travel season to Israel, finding hotel rooms at the last minute may be difficult. You can book hotel extensions through the Forms Portal.

Pre-Ride Nights In Jerusalem at Ramat Rachel

The Ride officially starts on Tuesday, October 23 at noon. Tuesday evening is the first hotel stay covered by your registration fee. We have reserved rooms at the hotel in Jerusalem before the Ride starts.

Post-Ride Nights in Eilat

Eilat – Our final day of riding is Monday, October 29th, which is followed by a closing dinner and Monday night hotel stay. We have reserved rooms at the hotel in Eilat after the Ride ends.

Note, if you are traveling to Jordan for the two-day trip and then wish to return to our hotel for Wednesday, we can book that for you. The hotel can then store some of your luggage while you are in Jordan.


Please note that we have a full-week non-riding option, called the Chaverim (“friends”). Visit the itinerary page for details.


We welcome guests to join Riders each night at our accommodations. All guest bookings include breakfast and dinner at our hotels except Sunday night in Eilat, which only includes breakfast. Guests are encouraged to join for all activities in the hotels. Guests will be booked in the room with the Rider they are visiting unless they want to book a separate room at an extra cost.

Guests must arrange and provide their own transportation; we do not provide transportation for guests, and guests are not allowed in staff or crew cars due to liability. If guests have their own car or driver and want to join the riders for lunch on the road they must first clear it with the Ride staff. We discourage guests from following along the route the entire day due to safety concerns.

NOTE: on Sunday night we have no room for guests in the Arava Valley. Guests can visit Kibbutz Ketura with our riders but are encouraged to book a single room Sunday night in Eilat, ahead of our arrival on Monday.