2020 Virtual Ride Committee

The Israel Ride team is excited to announce that we are forming a Virtual Ride Committee for the 2020 Virtual Israel Ride.

As a select member of the 2020 Virtual Ride Committee, you will provide vital support to the professional staff of the Israel Ride, recruit virtual riders, support the environmental leadership and peacebuilding work of the Arava Institute of Environmental Studies and Hazon, and (we hope!) have some fun along the way. Your participation in the Virtual Ride Committee helps assure that the 2020 Virtual Israel Ride is another great event.

Learn more about the committee and how to participate by joining our first Virtual Ride Committee meeting to meet other prospective members, hear from Chair/Vice-Chair of the Israel Ride, and begin to lay out plans that will make the 2020 Virtual Israel Ride an incredible success!

First, we ask that members of the Virtual Ride Committee commit to and permit the following:

  • Participation in the 2020 Virtual Israel Ride (October 2020)
  • Being listed as a member of the 2020 Virtual Ride Committee in print and digital material;
  • Register early for the 2020 Virtual Israel Ride and commit to raising or donating at least $360.

In addition, members are encouraged to do the following:

  • Assist in planning, organizing or leading at least one Virtual Israel Ride event.
  • Recruit additional Virtual Riders from within your community.
  • Participate in one or more Israel Ride ambassador video conferences, providing an opportunity for you to learn more details about the Israel Ride and the work that it supports.

Benefits of being on the Virtual Ride Committee

  • Recognition on the Israel Ride website and selected promotional materials;
  • Recognition as an Israel Ride community leader and Virtual Ride Committee member during the 2020 Virtual Israel Ride; and,
  • Exclusive pre-ride briefings from the leadership of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and Hazon

Interested in joining or learning more? Please contact us at info@israelride.org.


2020 Virtual Ride Committee (in formation):

David Arfin
Cantor David & Debra Gorra Barash
Lester Blumberg
Frank Chudnow
Sharon Cohen
Mark Druy
Steven Drysdale
Sharon Eckstein
David Eisenberg
Neal Epstein
Andrew Fischer
Israel Fridman
Mark Gendal
Jason Glasgow
Amy Goldman
Jon Harris-Shapiro
Rabbi Lev Herrnson
Carl Jacobs
David & Brenda Jaffe
Jeffrey Kay
Gail LeBow
Craig Margolis
Morris Maslia
Beth Miller
Randall Miller
Miriam Newman & Michael Pinnolis
Howie Rodenstein
Robert Rosenbaum
Ralph Rosenberg
Rabbi Bill Rudolph
Steve Schermerhorn
Melinda Steffey