Partnership Program

Our Organization Partner Program, for JCCs, synagogues, and other communities:
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Based on the success of our pilot program the Mandell JCC in West Hartford, The Israel Ride is expanding the use of local partnership models. The goal of these partnerships is to expand the reach of the Israel Ride, assist community organizations with staff and professional development, expand environmental and Israel related programs, and to share in the work supported by the Israel Ride. Community organizations, such as JCC’s or Synagogues, may apply for local partner status with the Israel Ride. Upon being accepted as a partner, the terms stated below will apply.

Expectations of the community

  • Create a local or regional Israel Ride Team
  • Key staff or lay leader involvement in leading the community’s Israel Ride team
  • Recruit at least six riders to the Israel Ride
  • Organize one or more local Israel Ride information & recruiting events
  • Organize team activities prior to the Israel Ride
  • Organize a community activity after the Israel Ride, for participants to share their experience with the community
  • While not required, the Israel Ride encourages partner organizations to recognize staff time on the Israel Ride as staff development time

Expectations of the Israel Ride and its Partner Organizations (Arava Institute, Friends of the Arava Institute, and Hazon)

  • Work with the community to plan programming reflective of the environmental leadership and peacebuilding work of the Arava Institute and Hazon. This could include providing student/alumni speakers to share their experience at the Arava Institute. Such programs will typically include perspectives from both Jewish and Muslim participants.
  • Providing speakers for local Israel Ride programming. Speakers could be from the Israel Ride staff and/or alumni of the Israel Ride.
  • Assist in planning other community related events, potentially including practice/training rides, reunions, and other informational programming.
  • Partner recognition: All partners would be listed on the Israel Ride website and in the Rider Pack.
  • Monetary support to the community and participating riders, as detailed below.

Monetary Grants and Discounts

Sponsoring organizations will receive grants and/or discounts, as detailed below:

  • Grants and waivers:
    • Five or fewer riders: no grant, no waivers
    • Six or more riders: $200/rider, up to a total of $3,600, and the Israel Ride will waive the Israel Ride registration fee for one program partner staff participant
  • Discounts:
    • Each participant on the program partner team receives a discount code providing a $100-$150 discount (depending on time of registration) on Israel Ride registration fees.
  • Grant restrictions. Funds granted by the Israel Ride may be used towards:
    • the expense (fees and transportation) of sending a staff member or lay leader at the institution on the Israel Ride; or,
    • local programming initiatives that are in line with the mission of the Arava Institute or Hazon. These could include Israel education and advocacy, environmental programming, greening projects, food projects, events, scholars-in-residence, etc.

The Israel Ride reserves the right to limit the number of local partners.
Partnership applications will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis, and are welcome throughout the year.

To apply to this exciting program, please fill out the form below: