E-Bike Trial – Bring Your Own E-Bike (BYOEB)

NEW FOR 2022!

Announcing a small pilot program for experienced e-bikers to bring their own e-bikes on the 2022 Israel Ride.

Very limited number of E-bike rentals (for experienced e-bikers) available for Shomrim! Please contact us to learn more.

Bring Your Own E-Bike (BYOEB) Trial FAQs:

***Very limited number of E-bike rentals (for experienced e-bikers) available for Shomrim. Please contact us to learn more.***

Yes. Experienced e-bike riders may bring their e-bike to Israel for the 2022 Israel Ride subject to the additional terms and conditions explained below.

No. The e-bike trial is limited to experienced e-bike riders. This is for the safety of all of the participants on the Israel Ride, including the e-bike rider.

Yes. This 2022 e-bike trial is for a limited number of e-bike riders. Advance permission is required.

  • No. The Israel Ride mechanics cannot make repairs to the electric drive train of the bike. If the battery, motor, or other components of the bike fail, the rider can switch to the Chaverim (non-riding) group on the ride or, if a rental is available, may rent one of the Israel Ride’s rental bikes.
  • The mechanics will address routine maintenance, such as flat tires, assistance with assembling the bike on arrival in Israel, and disassembling for packing at the conclusion of the ride. We recommend that riders bring a spare tire and tubes.
  • This is your responsibility. You should make a plan well in advance of the ride. Please note the following:
  • The lithium battery in your e-bike is considered a hazardous material (HAZMAT) and may not be shipped in the cargo hold of a commercial airliner.
  • If the battery has been removed from the bike, the bike itself can typically be checked as baggage on your commercial flight, subject to the terms and conditions of your airline (confirm with your airline in advance).
  • Most e-bike batteries can be shipped to Israel via FedEx or DHL, subject to their terms and conditions. You should confirm and plan this in advance, directly with the shipper.
  • Yes. E-bikes should be pedal (not throttle) assisted with a range of at least 35-60 miles per day, depending on which group you plan to ride with on the Israel Ride.
  • E-bikes will be permitted on the Shomrim or Tzofim riding groups on the ride. E-bikes are not permitted on the Chalutzim route.
  • Removable e-bike batteries can be charged in your hotel room each night.
  • Riders are responsible for bringing their own charger.
  • It will NOT be possible to charge the battery during the ride each day – if the battery goes dead, the rider will be sagged/transported to the end of the route for the day.
  • For bikes which do not have a removable battery, the Israel Ride will request that the hotel permit the bike be brought indoors to be charged overnight.

Contact us at info@israelride.org to express interest and start next steps.