Donor’s Guide to the Israel Ride

Where your Money Goes & What it Supports

Thank you for considering a donation to the Israel Ride.

This week-long journey brings riders on a route spanning up to 350 miles throughout Israel. It offers participants an awe-inspiring view of its incredible landscape and culture, but more importantly it is the central fundraiser for two organizations focused on creating solutions to global environmental challenges. Your donation supports more than a single rider’s experience; it funds Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian students who study at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and Hazon’s educational programs that connect environmental issues to Jewish tradition. To find out more about these two organizations and what your donation supports please read below!

Top 8 Reasons to Support the Arava Institute and Hazon

  1. The Arava Institute exists to ensure that environmental challenges provide a catalyst for dialogue, cooperation, and trust rather than violence and conflict.
  2. The Arava Institute is a specialized academic institution that equips the next generation of environmental leaders from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and around the world, with the skills necessary to cooperatively solve the pressing environmental challenges of the region and the world.
  3. Over 800 Arava Institute alumni are employing their enhanced interdisciplinary knowledge and entrepreneurial skill set to cooperatively address the escalating global crisis of resource scarcity.
  4. Arava Institute faculty and their research centers are creating innovative solutions to some of the world’s most urgent environmental issues, including water scarcity and desertification.
  5. Hazon, Hebrew for vision, is making a real and tangible impact in creating healthier and more sustainable Jewish communities and a healthier and more sustainable world for all.
  6. Hazon is the leading organization in the burgeoning field of Jewish Outdoor, Food, and Environmental Education (JOFEE), opening a huge and powerful portal for Jewish engagement.
  7. Hazon works in local communities and institutions to create greening initiatives, collaborate on educational programming, and bring sustainability efforts to new audiences.
  8. Hazon engages people in a vibrant approach to Jewish tradition that is passionate, joyful, socially progressive, inclusive, and spiritual.