Rider Information Series

Israel Ride Instructional Video Series

We are excited to introduce our Instructional Video series, a set of videos to help you best prepare for the Israel Ride.

Ride Training

In this video we review the basics about how to train properly for the Israel Ride.

Fundraising and Using the Fundraising Portal

The Fundraising Portal is an incredible tool that helps you track your fundraising achievements and communicate with donors. We will go over the resources available to you on the Israel Ride website, how to get started, and how to sustain your fundraising efforts to exceed your minimum. From developing your story, to creative ways to raise money, this is a great webinar for any stage of the fundraising process.


Using Your Forms Portal, Explority

Learn how to customize your experience through the Forms Portal, called Explority.



Learn about traveling before, during, and after the Israel Ride.


Bring a bike, rent a bike, what to do? See our video below to help answer all your bike-related questions.

Life on the Road and Communication

Learn what to expect each day on the Israel Ride, and how we use technology to help you keep in touch with your community back home.