Jewish National Fund

Jewish National Fund is proud to present Team JNF

Join Team JNF, and support their critical work in Israel and at the Arava Institute. JNF Teams will fundraise like all the riders, but the proceeds of their fundraising will go to JNF, who disburses the funds to the Arava Institute.

Anyone is welcome to Team JNF. Upon registering, click Join a Team, and under Please select a Team, choose JNF. Create a local Team JNF by contacting Israel Ride staff.

All JNF riders have a JNF icon next to their name on the rider list, for easy viewing.

Great news! The JNF National Conference and the Israel Ride will both be in Israel in October 2020.

Interested in participating in both the JNF National Conference and the Israel Ride? Choose between these two options:

  • Sign up for the Conference’s first three days (just pay the daily rate) and join the Israel Ride on its first day.
  • Sign up for the full Conference and join the Israel Ride on its third day (with discounted registration).

For more information on this process or on joining Team JNF, contact David Eisenberg or Rachel Kalikow.

JNF Donation FAQs

  • Does money I donate to my Israel Ride count towards my personal JNF donation (for various purposes) and would it help reduce any JNF pledge I have made?
    • Money donated to your own Israel Ride (or to support any other rider) counts as a JNF donation, however, it is cannot be applied to any pledges.
  • Does money others donate to my Israel Ride count towards my personal JNF donation (for various purposes) and would it help reduce any JNF pledge I have made?
    • No. Riders get soft credited (credit for helping to raise those funds for Israel) for donations that others have made to their rides but this amount cannot be counted as your individual donation to JNF.
  • Does money I donate to other peoples Israel Ride count towards my personal JNF donation ( for various purposes) and would it help reduce any JNF pledge I have made?
    • Money you donate to other people’s Israel Ride counts as your JNF donation and is included in your annual giving, but this donation cannot be applied to pledges made to JNF.
  • Can I donate to JNF and apply it to my or another Rider’s Israel Ride fundraising?
    • No. Please donate through the Israel Ride website, and if you donate towards a JNF-affiliated rider (for example, someone on a JNF team) we will reroute your contribution through JNF. 

Jewish National Fund

In over 113 years, JNF has evolved into a global environmental leader on battling land degradation and combating desertification, sharing afforestation techniques across the world, funding research on grappling with arid land management, and leading the world in water desalination and purification techniques, helping solve Israel’s water crisis.

JNF has planted over 250 million trees, built over 240 reservoirs and water recycling centers, increasing Israel’s water supply by 10%, developed over 250,000 acres of land, created more than 1,000 parks and recreational areas, built security roads along the border of Lebanon, provided the infrastructure for 2,000 communities, and educates students around the world about Israel and the environment.

Today, JNF continues to restore northern Israel and is putting its century of experience to work with Blueprint Negev, supporting Israel’s newest generation of pioneers in developing the Negev Desert. JNF is helping Israel and other countries care for the Land and protect the earth with cutting edge environmental technologies.

A United Nations NGO, JNF sponsors international conferences on desertification, shares afforestation techniques, and funds research on arid land management. JNF is a registered 501(c) (3) organization and continuously earns top ratings from charity overseers.

We welcome JNF riders from all over the country. Feel free to contact Stuart Diamant-Cohen at sdcohen@jnf.org for more information.

For Israel Ride registration questions, please contact info@israelride.org