2025 Israel Ride Teams

Interested in Forming an Israel Ride Team?

Many of the teams listed are welcoming new team members, but you may also want to consider forming your own team.

Some of the reasons Teams are the way to go:

  • They bring a special group of people together
  • Provide moral support for each other
  • To organize group fundraising events and redistribute fundraising amongst team members
  • Can be in honor or in memory of someone
  • There's nothing better than experiencing Israel alongside your friends, family, community members, and/or colleagues!


General Team Guidelines:

  • There is no limit to the number of riders on a team.  Teams could range from one rider to dozens of riders. 
  • Teams can consist of riders who are riding different routes. 
  • Each Team needs a Team Captain. The team captain is typically integral to organizing and recruiting for the team and may also provide ongoing support and leadership to the team. 
  • Each team member must register individually and is responsible for their own fundraising minimum. 
  • At their discretion, the team may fundraise as a team and allocate contributions raised by the team to the fundraising requirements of individual participants. 
  • There is no additional cost or fundraising commitment to ride as a team. 
  • If a Team member has reached their fundraising minimum, they can transfer their excess fundraising to help cover another team member’s fundraising commitment.


Qualifications for Team Perks:

  • To qualify for perks, your Team must have six or more people, including at least two new riders who have never been on the Israel Ride before. 
  • Every Team of six people (including at least two new riders) will be awarded $900 to be used at the Team Captain’s discretion. Some examples of how funds can be used are: to purchase Team jerseys, to buy wine for the Team on Shabbat in Israel, or to be distributed to ease travel costs. Alternatively, funds can go towards assisting with the expenses for specific team members, could be donated to an organization (e.g., Synagogue or JCC) that the team members are affiliated with, or can be donated to the Arava Insitute, the beneficiary of the Ride. Ultimately, it's up to the Team Captain! 
  • Every Team of 10 people (including at least two new riders) will be awarded $1,500 to be used at the Team Captain’s discretion.