At a minimum, we will be following all of the Covid requirements of the State of Israel as of the dates of the Ride, and as such, this policy is subject to change. 

Pre-Ride Preparation

International Flights – This policy does not focus on travel to or from Israel. We strongly encourage participants to check with their airlines in advance of travel to be sure they are prepared for any travel restrictions. If the State of Israel re-institutes a test-to-enter policy we will communicate that with all participants.

Covid Testing Irrespective of the State of Israel’s entry policy, we highly recommend getting tested the day before your flight and the day of your flight. 

Vaccination Every Participant must be vaccinated and boosted per CDC recommendations then current to October 1st. Every Participant must provide written proof to the Israel Ride Staff of Vaccination by October 1, 2022.

Supplies – All participants must have at least 8 Rapid Antigen Tests (one per day if needed) and additional tests if participating in Pre- or Post-Ride Activities. Participants should bring sufficient masks in case the Israel Ride needs to apply masking protocols for certain parts of the program. 

Insurance – Some travel insurance policies may cover out-of-pocket expenses and/or non-refundable trip costs if a participant needs to cancel or quarantine due to Covid. We encourage all participants to check if this is the case with their primary insurance provider or any supplemental policy that they may buy for the Ride. Some basic information about Covid and travel insurance can be found here, however, the Israel Ride cannot recommend a specific policy. 

Arrival in Jerusalem – At the Israel Ride check-in station in the Jerusalem hotel, every participant must provide credit card information in the event of the necessity for an Israel Ride arranged quarantine. All riders must take a rapid test once arriving on either Monday or Tuesday, before orientation (4 pm Tuesday).  A participant’s presence at orientation signals that they have tested negative on that recent test.

During the Ride

At any time, if a participant is experiencing covid symptoms (fever, sustained cough, etc), they must take an Antigen Test.

If the test is positive, the participant must:

  1. Inform Israel Ride Staff, their current roommate, and their roommate from the day prior. Those roommates must also take a rapid test. 
  2. The participant must then quarantine. This can be arranged by the participant or the Israel Ride can assist (see below).
  3. Then current Israeli regulations will determine if a rider is able to return to the Ride.

The Israel Ride may request any subset of participants or all participants to take rapid antigen tests at any point in time and show results. If there is an “outbreak” during the Ride, it is likely that each participant will be required to test and report every morning. The Israel Ride may also require participants to mask during certain activities at the Ride’s discretion. 


Quarantine / Isolation Protocol

Quarantine / Isolation is at the participant’s expense. The participant is responsible for organizing and covering the costs associated with any changes needed in flight arrangements to depart Israel.

A participant who tests positive may decide to:

  • Arrange their own quarantine
    • The Israel Ride can help coordinate transportation at the participant’s expense.
    • The participant is then responsible for their own accommodations, food, and follow up post-recovery.
  • Elect to have the Israel Ride arrange quarantine at the participant’s expense, which would entail: 
    • Then current Israeli regulations will determine length / criteria for quarantine.
    • Ride will have a remote “Quarantine Coordinator” who will serve as the key contact for a quarantined Rider and will be available via cell phone.
    • Quarantine Coordinator will arrange for accommodations for the relevant period. Accommodations may be at the same location of positive test or the Ride may arrange for transportation to an alternative location – at the Ride’s discretion and availability.
    • Quarantine Coordinator can arrange for food availability / delivery during quarantine.
    • Rider will be responsible for Antigen testing from their test supply beginning 5-10 days after a positive test (based on then current guidance) 
    • Ride will arrange for ground transportation to the airport or next destination in consultation with the participant at the participant’s expense


Financial Implications 

By the time of the Israel Ride, we have committed to virtually all of the expenses involved in the production of the ride, including staffing, crew, lodging, and food costs. As a result, we will not be able to provide refunds for any of the costs of the Ride(registration fees, pre/post-ride trips, or hotel bookings)  to riders who have to cancel or quarantine due to Covid. All fundraising will be fully retained by the Israel Ride to support the Ride’s beneficiaries. If a rider fully self-funded their fundraising requirement but cannot participate due to Covid, the full value of the fundraising commitment will be acknowledged as a tax-deductible donation.

To reduce financial loss, we suggest being very cautious and limiting activities that could lead to exposure in the days leading up to the Ride. We also recommend offsetting risk by purchasing an insurance plan that reimburses travelers who contracted Covid and need to cancel or extend their trip. Many insurances reimburse travelers for their prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses, including flights, hotel accommodations, tours, tickets, and excursions. 

If a Participant tests positive prior to arrival in Israel, and cannot participate, the Israel Ride will be able to convert their registration fee into a donation, so that participant may be able to receive a charitable gift receipt.