Robert Rosenbaum

I have been a supporter and participant of the Israel Ride since 2009. That was the year of my first of 6 rides over past 11 years. There are many reasons I continue my connection with this wonderful event. Primarily, it is to support the missions of the Arava Institute and Hazon.

These are two fantastic organizations that have partnered to strengthen a commitment for survival of our planet and its people.

It’s about creating a community of Many – where everyone is welcome.

Our fundraising efforts help to drive towards achieving these goals. It provides the resources for the research conducted at the Arava Institute, which in turn is shared across the Middle East.

There is also the people aspect that our donations impact – developing the next generation of leaders in the region who will work through past cultural differences and talk with one another.

During the Israel Ride we meet the people – riders, students at the Arava, the Crew, the people who live at Ketura. Once you experience a ride, you too are now part of this family. Your stories become part of the building blocks to continue with the goals.

Come join us virtually this year, and hopefully “next year in Jerusalem”!!

Share your Israel Ride story with us via text, photos, or a brief video at