Bruchim HaBa’im! Welcome to the 2018 Israel Ride!

Yesterday all participants met their fellow riders, learned more about the Arava Institute and Hazon, and prepared their bikes for the road. They also had the opportunity to go explore Jerusalem by going on one of our morning tours.

During the ride, the participants divide into groups each morning:

  • Chalutzim ride more mileage at faster speeds.
  • Tzofim tend to ride a direct route from hotel to hotel.
  • Shomrim do a mix of riding and off-bike touring, getting bused to the hotels in the evening.
  • Chaverim hop on the bus each day and meet the riders at hotels in the evening.

Each riding group has its own support team of Lead Riders, sweep vehicles, medics, and mechanics. Tour guides teach about the history of the region and local ecological issues at the various stops.

We’ll be sharing updates from the road throughout the week. For now, wish our Riders B’hatzlacha, good luck!